This is the Book of Many Textures, or BoMT. I made a version for a friend who is a hyper-tactile autist. It’s function is to delay or offset the need for auto-stim without removing yourself from the situation or location because that isn’t always possible. I don’t expect it to replace auto-stim (that’d actually be daft…) But I’d hope it provides a brief alternative with reduced embarassment which will hopefully reduce how stressed/bad it gets. We were thinking about it and realised there isn’t anything comercially avaliable that fulfils the same role so I set about designing one myself.

These two are going to people my friend knows so that I can get their feedback and hopefully improve the design or have something to support my claim that there’s a need for this (or that it’s not crazy, i’m good either way). The most important thing I think is if they used it, and when. and what the favourite/most useful pages are.These are the 5th and 6th books I’ve made. The first one belonging to my friend and the other 3 are variations that lead to this design are used to help explain the concept. Part of the problem is that the kind of people I need to listen have already come accross similar, but for low functioning, and I really believe there’s a need for more support for High Functioning, and that it’s not going to be in the forms the proffessionals expect. I’ve come quite a way in the desgin, and I’m fairly certain now it comes down to personal preferences.

It’s designed to help people who are hypo/hyper-tactile in the proffessional enviroment and to help them self regulate their stress responces and to serve as a subtle cue to collegues.

Mostly I just want the photos somewhere to post to a forum where I’m talking about it in more detail on, so yeah don’t mind me ^_^

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